Utility location is the process of identifying and labeling public utility mains that are underground.


Documents examined by Continuum Capital during the preparation of this 811 Emergency report.

The Utility Locate Research Tracking List is a spreadsheet that provides reference information about the sources for the documents listed here. - Cut on fiber optic line 911 - Excavation_Safety_Guide_2010 - Florida Power and Light buries power lines - GeorgiaDigLawIntepretation - great_lakes_plea_factual_basis_gldd_2021_0 - great_lakes_plea_factual_basis_gldd_2021 - Jasper County loses 911 service down - Lack of Adequate Enforcement 2021 - Does GSS Standard Support - Louisiana State Police Emergency Services Unit The Emergency - Miller enforces Iowas One Call Law - New Florida law could underground more power lines - Pepco 500 Million to Underground Power Lines - Severed Fiber-Optic Cable Disrupts Service Across U.S_ - SUE_CostBenefitInvestigation_ts_644 - Utility Strikes_Exploring the Utility Damage Case - CenturyLink under state investigation hundreds of complaints - CenturyLink-Notice-and-Order-for-Prehearing - Louisiana gas industrys answer - Gold Shovel Standard Overview
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