Documents examined by Continuum Capital during the preparation of this 811 Emergency report.

The Utility Locate Research Tracking List is a spreadsheet that provides reference information about the sources for the documents listed here. - Cut on fiber optic line 911 - Excavation_Safety_Guide_2010 - Florida Power and Light buries power lines - GeorgiaDigLawIntepretation - great_lakes_plea_factual_basis_gldd_2021_0 - great_lakes_plea_factual_basis_gldd_2021 - Jasper County loses 911 service down - Lack of Adequate Enforcement 2021 - Does GSS Standard Support - Louisiana State Police Emergency Services Unit The Emergency - Miller enforces Iowas One Call Law - New Florida law could underground more power lines - Pepco 500 Million to Underground Power Lines - Severed Fiber-Optic Cable Disrupts Service Across U.S_ - SUE_CostBenefitInvestigation_ts_644 - Utility Strikes_Exploring the Utility Damage Case - CenturyLink under state investigation hundreds of complaints - CenturyLink-Notice-and-Order-for-Prehearing - Louisiana gas industrys answer - Gold Shovel Standard Overview
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