Utility location is the process of identifying and labeling public utility mains that are underground.


Documents examined by Continuum Capital during the preparation of this 811 Emergency report.

The Utility Locate Research Tracking List is a spreadsheet that provides reference information about the sources for the documents listed here. TN damage prevention guide_2021 WV811-Excavation-Manual-2017 2020-Excavator-Safety-Powerpoint-v2_compressed Between the Poles_ ColoradoSUEsurveys Between the Poles_ EnglandOne-call centre Between the Poles_ OntarioReduceUndergroundRisk dpc_annual_statistical_report2020 InternationalUtilityLocateEfforts LSBUD_DiggingUpBritain_2021 proximity_wheel_ver2.2_press UKsafe digging records industry - LGE Marks Gas Line Routes Electronically Why dont one map safe digging in the UK
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